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This website uses cookies, namely small pieces of data saved on a computer during website browsing that remain installed on it and interact with the website that installed them or with an external website (third party cookie). Depending on their features these little files may be stored for a defined period (e.g. months or years), or automatically removed at the end of each session. In this website we use these cookies:

Technical/Functional Cookies

Session and persistent cookies are used in a strictly limited mode enough to guarantee a safe and efficient website browsing. Session cookies are removed at browser closing, persistent cookies are kept until expiry or can be removed by user.
Please note. Disabling these cookies may affect usability and functions of this website.

Third party analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies with the aim of collecting statistical aggregated data related to access and browsing on this website. Concerning these cookies specific measures have been implemented, for example anonymization, which reduces their identifying potential and makes them equivalent to common technical cookies. It is possible to disable these cookies by installing a specific plug-in available at this link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout . For further information please visit this page: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites?hl=it

This website don’t use profiling cookies or other tracing methods.

Cookie management and further details

It’s always possible to decide whether accept or not cookies, tweaking the setting provided by each modern browser. Through these setting indeed, an user can for example block, partly or completely, the installation of cookies from a website or from third parties connected to it. Furthermore advanced functionalities like ‘do not track’ or private browsing options are available if needed. Here’s a list of the cookie management page url for main browsers: (please note that instructions may vary according to device or operative system used)

Further information about cookies are available on this website: https : //www.aboutcookies.org/

The information provided may be subject to revision. Users are kindly invited to periodically visit this page, in order to be constantly updated about the details of processing.

Last update: 12/05/2021